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At KBEV 6, Beverly Hills High School TV station, I've evolved from a Programmer to Executive Director of Student Productions, directing over 200 videos. My journey encapsulates a blend of technical expertise and mentorship, all while fostering a culture of excellence in student-led productions.


Colby Gilardian and Romeo Carey
Colby Gilardian and Lili Bosse

At BHUSD, I assist in crafting and distributing vital social media content, work closely with communication experts, and ensure timely communication with parents, students, staff, and the community. My role not only enhances my expertise in digital communication but also emphasizes celebrating BHUSD's educational excellence.


Colby Gilardian and Board of Education
Colby Gilardian and Superintendent Dr. Michael Bregy

As a BHTV Intern Producer for the City of Beverly Hills, I play a role in crafting impactful content for our community, from City Council meetings to promotional videos. Collaborating with seasoned professionals, I'm delving deep into TV production while honoring the essence of Beverly Hills. 

City of Beverly Hills

Colby Gilardian Directing BHTV
Colby Gilardian at Beverly Hills Day of Wellness
Beverly Hills Hotel.webp

Collaborated with the Beverly Hills Rotary Club to create and host a podcast spotlighting unique community members and emphasizing the beauty of Beverly Hills. Successfully garnered over 5,000 listens across platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music, further promoting the club's motto, "Service Above Self."

BH Rotary

Colby Gilardian and Mayor Julian Gold
Colby Gilardian Micheal Moline and Keith Sterling

As a Marketing Consultant for Alliance Hospitality Group, I navigate the rich landscape of hospitality across six restaurant chains, reaching over 1,000,000 followers. I oversee content for platforms like Instagram and TikTok, collaborate with prominent brands, and delve into SEO, blog writing, and web development. 


Mora Italiano Catering
Mora Italiano Catering
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