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In my numerous interactions with Colby. I’ve come to admire his unwavering commitment to his city, school, and the core values that make our community thrive. His tenacity, coupled with his vision for a brighter future, reassures me that he not only possesses the potential to be an influential leader but, quite possibly, an outstanding mayor someday. I wholeheartedly believe that Colby will continue to elevate Beverly Hills and bring pride to all its residents. Colby’s hard work does not go unnoticed. He embodies the spirit of Beverly Hills, and its young individuals like him that give me hope for our future. I am confident that wherever he goes and whatever endeavor he undertakes, he will shine bright and make a significant impact.

Lili Bosse

3x Mayor, Council Member

City of Beverly Hills

In my role as Media Director at KBEV, I've mentored many talented students, but Colby Gilardian is truly exceptional. Since Middle School, Colby has showcased an unwavering dedication to media, merging unmatched technical skills with visionary leadership. He has both honored KBEV's legacy and innovatively expanded it, leaving an indelible mark. His character – a blend of integrity, commitment, and positivity – sets him apart even further. Colby isn't just a standout at KBEV; he's one of the most extraordinary talents I've ever encountered. Any opportunity to collaborate with him is bound to be transformative.

Romeo Carey

Media Director, KBEV6

Colby Gilardian is an outstanding student who has actively participated in various school activities, both intracurricular and extracurricular. As executive director of studio productions, Colby has produced numerous videos and mentored students to enhance their multimedia skills. Additionally, he has taken significant initiatives beyond school, including organizing a teen community program in Beverly Hills and raising money for the UCLA Children’s Hospital. Colby's dedication and genuine interest in community betterment are commendable.

Rachelle Marcus

Member, Beverly Hills Unified School District School Board.

Like the Oscar winning movie Colby Gilardian is Everything, Everywhere All At Once. That is, he is ever-present in our district. One can not attend a function sponsored by one of our schools or our city and not see Colby dashing around with his trusted camera capturing the little tidbits of local history. Whether it’s political speeches, a championship volleyball game or a kindergartener's smile, Colby has memorialized the moment. He will leave a wonderful legacy at Beverly Hills High School as he soon joins the list of former KBEV Program Directors that have left their mark on our school and our city.

Hon. Noah Margo

BHUSD President & Governing Board Member, BHHS Class of ’86

For over 6 years, Colby has held many jobs with the City of Beverly Hills simultaneously working with KBEV and as a member of multiple high school clubs. He is both a doer and a thinker. He is civic-minded, generous of spirit and steadfast. Colby’s ability to interface with his peers as well as adults coupled with his positive leadership style enables him to mentor up and down. We all can learn a great deal from Colby.

Mary Wells

Member, BHUSD School Board.

As a Trustee of the Beverly Hills Unified School District Governing Board of Education, it has been my pleasure to work with Colby closely and consistently. Colby has been an integral member of our team, and we could not have succeeded in communicating and presenting our Board meetings to our community without his hard work and dedication. Colby is ever-present to ensure that our meetings take place without a glitch, and he is always one step ahead of our production needs. Colby listens, takes instructions, follows up, and comes up with a game plan. His presence and dedication are a constant, a north star for me during our long meetings.

Hon. Judith K. Manouchehri

Member, BHUSD School Board

I’ve known Colby Gilardian for two years and have observed Colby shine academically, in his community, and in his work. As a Senior Recreation Supervisor with the City of Beverly Hills, I oversee the Teen Advisory Committee, a group of communityminded 6th – 12th grade students; a group which Colby has been a part of for seven years. During our overlapping time, Colby has proven to be hardworking, dedicated, and passionate. His ambitious character and community accomplishments make him an ideal student and member of society.

Lisa Crespo

Senior Recreation Supervisor

City of Beverly Hills

Colby Gilardian is one of the most talented, dedicated, and amiable people with whom I have had the chance to work.  No student has ever, in my mind, been so ambitious while maintaining a clear drive toward building relationships and helping his collaborative working communities rise to the highest levels of execution.  Mr. Gilardian not only executes the vision that requires his services, but he also contributes to that vision.  He is also not afraid to make sure that his own team of KBEV student workers are following protocols and on task without having any negative impact on the team morale.  Working with this young man is an absolute pleasure and a blessing.  Sometimes, I forget that he is a student intern.  

Phil Chang

Assistant Principal of Beverly Hills High School


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